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BV is an adult men's & women's USA Volleyball club located in Binghamton, NY. Our eight teams (about 70 members) are registered in the IREVA Region and compete indoors at the BB and B levels.

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NCAAW Div III SF & Finals - Nov 19-21 at Calvin in Grand Rapids, MI     Brackets/Results
NCAAW Div II  SF & Finals - Dec 10-12 at Tampa in Tampa, FL     Brackets/Results
NCAAW Div I   Regionals     - Dec 11-12 at Austin,TX; Des Moines,IA; Lexington,KY; San Diego,CA
NCAAW Div I   SF & Finals  - Dec 17 & 19 at Nebraska in Omaha, NE at 7pm ET? Brackets & Results

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