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To play with Binghamton Volleyball, you must be a member of USA Volleyball (USAV) for the 2010-2011 season - by registering with USAV's Iroquois Empire Regional Volleyball Association (IREVA). You are strongly encouraged to apply for membership by using the USAV On-line System (it's faster and a paper registration cost $5 more). To do this you will need a valid email address (it's used as your User Name*/ID). Also, you need to complete this application process before Wednesday, November 3rd.

To begin the membership process, start by clicking the appropriate link, below, that describes your current or previous membership status:

  1. New non-USAV Member - ie., you've never been a USAV member (or your last membership was before the 2004-05 season).
  2. Renewing IREVA Member - ie., you were an IREVA member last year, or in any year since the 2004-05 season.
  3. Non-IREVA Member - If you were a member of a Region other than the IROQUOIS EMPIRE Region last season (or when you last registered in USAV) you must email the IREVA Registrar, Susanna Ashline , to have her TRANSFER YOUR MEMBERSHIP. You must do this PRIOR TO GOING ONLINE TO REGISTER. In the email, send your Name, Date of Birth and Home Address and the Region you are/were registered in last. After you recieve her reply confirmation you will then be able to register as a Renewing IREVA Member - #2 above.
  4. Any others (or any doubts, or don't have an email address) - ask a Team/Club Rep. or email me for help.

After you successfully complete your on-line membership application:

  1. an Application Confirmation email will be sent to you - at the email address that you entered in your Contact Information. Forward this confirmation email to me, or print a copy and bring it to practice along with your Club fee of $75. If you pay by check, make it payable to "John Hastie", our club Treasurer.
  2. you will be listed in the system as an "Unpaid" member - until your membership fee has been paid by the BV Club. However, you can view/edit/change your membership info. using this Member Login link. It is especially important to keep your email address up-to-date in your Contact Information because, if you haven't and you forget your password, it will get sent to your old/invalid address.
  3. after your membership fee has been paid to the IREVA Registrar by the BV Club you will receive a Member Confirmation email from USAV which gives your Member #, Region, expiration date, etc. Save this email! It contains your User Name & Password.

    Use the Member Login to:

    1. print-out your USAV Membership Card
    2. maintain your Contact Information, etc., especially your current email address
    3. change your Password
    4. change your User Name
    5. retrieve your password if you lose it, but remember, it doesn't help if your Contact email address isn't current!

* A word about your User Name - this is/was assigned to you the very first time you registered on-line. It's simply the email address you gave for the system to send you your initial login info (User Name and Password). To change your User Name and password, you must first login with your current login info. and then select the "Change Login Information" option on the left-hand navigation panel; and then re-type a new User Name AND enter the same, or a new, password. If your current email address changes, login with your current User Name & Password, and change your Contact Email Address to your new email address. This can be different than your Login User Name, but you may also want to change your User Name to this new email address if you're using an email address as your User Name.

Updated: 09/07/10

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