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We played in the 60-64 age division, which consisted of 20 teams organized into four pools of five teams each. We finished 1st in our pool (7-3) but, unfortunately, lost our first match in the single-elimination quarter-final playoff, resulting in an overall finish of tie for 5th place. We thank United Medical Associates for their generous donation, which covered the cost of our NSOG uniforms.

Team Picture
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"Grayhounds" picture taken 5-27-97 in Tucson, AZ.
Standing (left to right):
John Sents, Vestal, NY
Chris Hall, Troy, NY
George Murnieks, Syracuse, NY
Chuck Holovka, Endicott, NY
Jerry Mattison, Endicott, NY
Frank Tatusko, Johnson City, NY
Kneeling (left to right):
Ron Joseph, Endicott, NY
Ken Hottenstein (Capt), Binghamton, NY
Norm Chilson, Apalachin, NY