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Exalted Ruler (President): Chris Battaglini
Leading Knight (1st Vice President): Sue Rathbone
Loyal Knight (2nd Vice President): Ryan Geisenhof
Lecturing Knight (3rd Vice President): Amber Davidson
Secretary: Tracy Lindsey
Treasurer: Kate Packer
Tiler: Vacant
Chaplain: Vacant
Esquire: Thomas Butchko, PER
Inner Guard: Chris Pullano
Trustees:   Mike Sage,PER   Ray Howard, John Pooler, Brian Kocik, Jeff  Babuka

DEC 2016
Jeff  Babuka
JAN 2017 Teri Geisenhof
FEB 2017
Chris Potter
MAR  2017 Don McManus
APR  2017 Sue Rathbone
MAY  2017 Donna Taborne
JUNE 2017 Barb Taggart
JULY 2017 Bunny Potter
AUG 2017
Mike Sage
SEPT 2017
 Mindi Moniz
OCT  2017
Jason Zimmer
NOV 2017 Kate Packer
DEC 2017 John Pooler

** Ladies Auxillary  **

 President : Kira Palmer
Vice President : Donna Taborne

Treasurer:  Sue Krazanek
Secretary: Patti Jochum

** Lodge Past Exalted Rulers (PER) Association  **
President :

Note:  Vestal  Lodge PER  Assoc. meets the first Thursday every month at  6:00pm 

Who we are

American Citizens of at least 21 years of age who believe in God.  We are also people who
believe in helping our communities and people who believe in supporting our nation's veterans.

Need more information?
If you have questions or need more information about the Vestal Elks Lodge, you can contact the Exalter Ruler or contact any of our lodge officers.  

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